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Idina MANzel

—Let It Go


This is what happens when your friend reminds you about audio editing. I ended up lowering the pitch on Let It Go from the new Frozen movie. And I gotta say, it’s really nice. Have yourself a listen and see what I mean.

And of course I had to draw a quick genderbend for this

EDIT: I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for this, so here you go folks:

Download this version of the song here

Also if you’re looking for the Karaoke/Instrumental track for this particular version, you can find it right here!

I just found the best blog on tumblr








I was expecting this to be a normal promo and I was wondering ‘why did this get so many notes?’


oh my god, I just can’t

This is so much more entertaining than it has any right to be…

Thats not what I was expecting at all…..

What is even happening

I really should have seen that coming…

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